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360 Total Security Premium

360 Total Security Premium with anti-virus protection in real-time, comprises five antivirus engine (Avira, Bitdefender, proactive security module QVM II, Cloud 360 Cloud) and system recovery tools. The”one-click” for the optimization of your computer; can work on a routine, also, supported by the detection and removal from the hard disk of unnecessary/temporary files.

360 Total Security Crack builds upon QIHU’s 360 Total Security outstanding product. Not only can it carry out security that is essential, but it does so with a clean graphical user interface which has a modern, yet simple and intuitive feel to it.

360 Total Security Premium is a solution that is unified your computer security and performance. With the “Full Check” feature, it is possible to examine the entire condition of your personal computer within seconds and optimize it to their state that is best with just one simple click.

The More!!

360 Total Security Pro has a brand new, improved feature set including Real-time Protection to stop viruses and malware, even before they reach your PC. 360 Total Security can bolster your PC against malware as well as other types of malicious attack. It’s additionally been designed help your system be fully optimized and run more smoothly.

Key features of 360 Total Security

  • the version that is new Total Security added anti-virus motor Avira System Repair also to restore the system to existing engines to Bitdefender, proactive QVM II, and Cloud 360 Cloud.
  • The acceleration and cleaning also added “in one click” to optimize your computer.
  • Total Security solves the problem of the Windows operating system vulnerabilities, always check the system for unidentified spots and updates, allowing you to download and install them.

Key features 360 Security of Total:

  • A quick check of the situation that is general safety of your computer in one click
  • Use the top 5 machines, including the 360 Cloud Engine / QVMII / Avira and Bitdefender for comprehensive protection and better detection and System fix to replace the device.
  • Allows you to control and optimize the autostart applications, plug-ins and services. Reduce the load time of your PC.
  • Helps free up room on your hard drive by cleaning unnecessary files from your computer and work that is making efficient.
  • Protect your computer from malware, concealed and growing threats with quick and cloud technology that is intelligent.
  • 360 Total Security detects vulnerabilities in Windows and allows you to download and install all security that is necessary.
  • Sandbox lets you run the selected application (e.g., a web browser) in an environment that is remote work with them without risk to harm the host system. It’s possible to run applications in the sandbox from the context menu, and add the record to perform in an automatically sandbox.
  • Adding a sandbox Sandbox lets you execute the selected application (e.g., a browser) in an environment that is private use them without risk to damage the host system. It’s possible to run applications in the sandbox from the context menu, and add the list to perform in an automatically sandbox.
  • 360 Total Security now detects weaknesses in Windows and allows you to download and install all security that is necessary.
  • Among other improvements – Added cleansing plug-ins, protection against online threats and optimize system performance in Speedup module.


Security 360 Total – includes an antivirus scanner, a cleanup tool and a startup booster. All wrapped nicely with a GUI that is intuitive. Antivirus protection was running on three engines that are distinct. You need certainly to allow it to take a time to thoroughly analyze the status of the PC, to determine the areas where it takes to be improved upon whenever you operate the energy for the very first time. Next, you can initiate an antivirus scan, choosing between full, quick and custom.

Once the scanning is complete, 360 Total Security displays a list that is detailed all the detected threats. And you also can specify the action should be used. As trustworthy and the app will not support any longer flag in the long term if you are sure the suspicious file is safe. You can mark it. Otherwise, all detected files will soon be moved to the quarantine.

Installation and More

Effortlessly eliminate junk files from your PC and disk space that is free. Another function that is handy for Total Security is searching for old records. Folders on your personal computer that prevent it from running at full speed. Once the said files have identified, you’ll pick the ones you want to keep. Then remove the others of those, thus freeing up space on your disk that hard plus the performance regarding the PC. Increase the boot speed and disable startup that unnecessary. Also, you can count on 360 Total Security whenever you need to explore. The applications that set to perform at Windows startup. You’ll also browse through the scheduled tasks, application services, and system services and disable the people you consider to unnecessary.


The applying displays some advice regarding the entries you should disable or not. So as not to jeopardize the security of the functional system. All in all, 360 Total Security Patch is an answer that is dependable will keep malware from increasing. While also cleaning your PC of junk data and boosting its speed.

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