Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Download Free

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Download Free

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Download Free

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Download Free addresses all Intel-based motherboards homeowners that acumen and need to tinker with the settings of different clocks together with the process unit hardware, CPU (central processing unit), RAM (Random Access Memory) also as alternative system-related frequencies.

With Intel Extreme Calibration Utility, you’ll additionally monitor the temperatures at intervals your laptop case, the voltages for the first vital elements and even the speed of each and every fan connected to the mainboard. One thing, though, before getting down to work with such computer code, ensure you’ve got what you wish so as to consciously amendment the values.

This specific piece of computer code comes packing a professionally-looking interface that encases three distinct panels. The primary one, of the, left a part of the graphical user interface, consists of a static space holding the most menu: System info, Manual calibration, assay, and Profiles.

The central section includes the stop for every and each menu item, whereas very second half displays the CPU Core Temperature, the CPU Utilization also because of the current Processor Frequency. Moreover, you’ll additionally read the graphs for this values and alternative statistics like Active Core Count, Memory Utilization or Graphics Frequency.

By choosing the Manual Calibration choice, you get a replacement screen with a lot of values to customize. Unless you recognize what you’re doing, we tend to advise you to remain aloof from this particular section of dangerous settings will result in severe effects and even hardware failure.

Once you’ve got set new clocks during this space, you’ll persist and perform stability tests so as to seek out whether or not those settings hassle or not. Finally, you’ll proceed to the Profiles section and quickly manage all of your tuned frequencies for the processor, system memory of graphics card.

The bottom line is that Intel Extreme calibration Utility will convince a humorous  tool to require for a check run and just comprehend its potential as long as you possess the desired information and, why not, the nerve. If you’re keen on squeeze the maximum amount power as doable from your computer, then Intel Extreme calibration Utility may be one in all your picks on it matter.

The Intel® Extreme standardization Utility (Intel® XTU) could be a software package application that permits you to fine-tune the settings of your K- or X-SKU processor. Victimization its different frequency, voltage, and alternative controls, you’ll customize your configuration regarding power consumption and computing performance. Intel XTU is offered for transfer at the Intel® Transfer Center and may be loaded on any Intel® system with an ordinal generation or newer Intel® Core™ processor and a chipset that supports overclocking.

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU)


In a joint effort between Intel and HWBOT, we tend to gift version five.1, a completely integrated overclocking software package application that permits you to research your configuration, share and notice overclock settings from users around the world, and plug your achievements through social media. Intel XTU and therefore the HWBOT integration aim to facilitate overclocking for beginners and novice users yet as provide the advanced overclocking community and it is power users a platform to point out their overclocking skills and data.


The main options of the program area unit divided into tabs, between that move within the left a part of the window; this area unit in turn:

Support for all spheres of the program, though it’s solely English mustn’t be a haul for the one who has a minimum of somewhat speak the language. This program is targeted a lot of for enthusiasts WHO wish to enhance the potency and performance of your laptop, the centers providing the adequate technical data. For this reason, any difficulties come back down here isn’t such a lot obstacles to navigate through the choices within the application, that the unconscious within the technical aspects of the processors.

  • Outline data regarding your laptop, wherever you may realize several details on all elements and system
  • Advanced continuance, wherever (after the approval of the consent to the exclusive responsibility of the user for any injury on the operations carried out) we have the flexibility to edit the essential parameters of the electronic equipment to its potency,
  • Testing – tab, which is able to conduct a check for the processor, conniving within the manner of its performance indicator, that is helpful to monitor the performance of the instrumentality, for instance, with alternative computers in a very home or a business, or get a point of reference for the performed later overclocking within the previous tab. The tests area unit quite long and detailed;
  • Profiles – a region wherever we will set the required choices looking on the chosen operational mode
  • Pairing patterns with applications.



  • Supports Intel P67/H67 chipset
  • RAM memory should be 1GB plus
  • Hard Disk space should be greater than 40GB
  • Windows XP/7/8/9/10


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Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU)




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